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Sustainable Portfolio

Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) without personal and organisational level value definition, future scenario creation and user experience design is an insufficient framework for future asset owners for co-creating a future they wish to see emerge.

Sustainable Portfolio Theory provides a future oriented framework for investors to co-create and design the futures they wish to be part of making. The course aims to provide a novel view on the concept of ‘portfolio’ in investment theory, not as a risk reduction tool as within the Modern Portfolio Theory, but as a framework for investing for systemic change.

Sustainable Portfolio Design is an interactive online tool for creating your portoflio.

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Future driven extension patch for the Modern Portfolio Theory.

Sustainable Portfolio Theory (wihite paper) on making significant changes in the investing world through design - and how it can help in reaching Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Impact Innovation Institute offers information, consultation and training around in in development of the theory.

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An interactive online course for sustainable digital finance.

The study material consists of the course website, video guidelines and digital templates for visual mapping the exercises with MIRO online whiteboard. The architecture of the Sustainable Portfolio Design online course

1. Introducing the Sustainable Portfolio Theory and Systems Thinking

2. Facilitated creation of personalised Sustainable Portfolio Design

3. Introduction to Regenerative Investment Strategy.

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Sustainable Portfolio Design

   A   Intent is built on the defined purpose, culture of the investor, his/her value alignments, goals, mission and vision using Future Battle OS protocol. 

   B   Uncertainty is taken into consideration instead of statistical risk numbers. When the uncertainties are included, the investor gets a resilient portfolio. 

   C   Constructive foresight should be considered instead of traditional forecasting. By incentivizing collaboration between investors, we will be able to decide and co-create the preferable futures. 

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