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Our Values

We believe that every investment has an impact on the society.

It can be intentional but happens in any case.

We value the integrity of the investments.

We commit to working to achieve sustainability within capitalism.

We honor and have good faith that by working hard the SDG goals can be achieved.

We believe investors should be accountable for the purpose of their money.

We are her to help investors in designing their strategic asset allocations and building impact portfolios.

We bring to attention the externalities in the economy, to bring them on the financial system and to take both responsibility and actions for them.

We advocate for long-term investing so that it has a positive impact on people by living a decent life with access to work, a living wage, housing, access to education and clean environment, housing and economic security.

Our Purpose

We intend to have a positive impact on the long-term slow burning problems the planet is facing.  

We work daily so that every dollar that is invested, is spent with purpose and does good to the society.

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